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Branch Introduction

Welcome to Lyceum Nuwara Eliya

Lyceum International School Nuwara Eliya was inaugurated in April 2012, as the 6th branch of the Lyceum Group of International Schools. We have now completed 11 years of excellence in education and are a leading English Medium international school within the Central Province region.

The Nuwara Eliya branch offers education from Pre-Primary,  through to Upper Secondary level, covering Pre-School to Advanced Levels. As an English Medium School, we offer a blend of the Lyceum curriculum and the National curriculum for students. All the standard National Ordinary Level subjects are taught here, whilst, for the National Advanced Level,  we offer the Mathematics, Commerce and Science streams.

Presently we have around 630 students enrolled at the school, with a dedicated staff of experienced teachers and management members, all working tirelessly to ensure our students get the best schooling experience.

At Lyceum Nuwara Eliya we also offer the following state-of-the-art facilities and services to ensure our students get an all-around schooling experience:

—  Art Room
—  Biology Lab
—  Canteen
—  Chemistry Lab
—  Cultural Dancing & Bharathanatyam Dancing Room
—  General Science Lab
—  Golf
—  Library
—  Eastern & Western Music Room
—  Main Hall

—  Ground
—  Badminton Court
—  Basketball Court
—  Indoor Sports Facilities
—  IT Lab
—  Science Labs
—  Books Store
—  School Infirmary
—  Physics Lab
—  Kiddies Play Area

Wisdom of Words

Message from the Head of School

Knowing the significance of the vital role of education in any individual’s personal and professional life, Lyceum International School Nuwara Eliya is highly keen on taking care of the perfect academic, social and emotional grooming of any student who passes through the halls and making them aware of that every human being is nothing other than a part of nature so that they are carved with sensible qualities to serve for the entire universe.

Lyceum International School Nugegoda was established in the picturesque landscape of No.55, Water Field Drive, Nuwara Eliya on the 23rd of April, 2012 as the 6th branch of the Lyceum family. The Coordinating Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Kumari Grero, overlooks and guides the staff of LIS Nuwara Eliya. Mr. Nikitha Grero, the first Principal of Lyceum Nuwara Eliya, pioneered and guided the school at its inception resulting in our present success.

In the 11 years journey of Lyceum Nuwara Eliya, we have made sure to inculcate an excellent mindset and appropriate ethics in our pupils in every phase of their school career. Pre-primary to Grade 8 students at Lyceum Nuwara Eliya follow the Lyceum Syllabus while Grade 9 students are facilitated with the National syllabus to face their G.C.E. O/L Examinations and the students who get qualified for A/L take the National G.C.E. A/L exams which rightly serves the demands of the educational requirements of the Nuwara Eliya community. It wouldn’t have been a quality educational reality if not for the highly qualified team of teachers who have served tirelessly under any circumstances to educate and reshape the future of the students in the multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural community of Nuwara Eliya.

Although Lyceum Nuwara Eliya is one of the youngest members of the Lyceum family, it is with pride that I mention our alma mater has produced a large number of qualified students who have been accepted to State Universities across the island in the fields of Commerce, Mathematics, Science, English Literature, Information Technology and Agricultural Science.

Mr. Clive R. Christopher
Deputy Principal
Lyceum International School
Nuwara Eliya

Access to Facilities

Lyceum Facilities

Lyceum offers its students state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to grow their knowledge. Access to these facilities comes with your enrolment and facility availability, and the state may vary according to the branch and location.

Explore The School

Explore Lyceum Nuwara Eliya

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Branch Admissions

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Are you searching for the best education Sri Lanka has to offer for your child? Look no further than Lyceum International School. Contact us today to submit your admission request, and our student service agents will guide you through the enrolment process.

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