School History

History of Lyceum

The year was 1993…

In Nugegoda, history was made as Lyceum International School, founded by educationist Dr. Mohan Lal Grero, who wanted to provide a well rounded English medium education to Sri Lankan children within the socio-cultural environment of Sri Lanka, opened its doors to the public. Initially, searching for an affordable English medium school, which taught the mother tongue, religion, history and geography of our motherland, he discovered that none were available.This fact motivated him to open a school, not just for his child, but for the children of many other parents, looking for a standardised and affordable English medium education.

In creating Lyceum International School, Dr. Mohan Lal Grero was inspired by the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle. Today, Dr. Grero’s vision has been fully realised, with more schools being opened within the Western province, as well as other branches in the Sabaragamuwa, Central, and North Central Provinces. The School owes its popularity to the many successful students, who have graduated during the three decades since its inception.

Lyceum International School started with only seven students and four teachers. Now, 30 years later, Lyceum boasts of over 23,000 students and 2,800 teachers, making up the Lyceum family – a testament to our high-quality education and passion for teaching. Apart from academic excellence, students are taught to be tolerant and accepting of one another and to co-exist in harmony, regardless of social, religious and ethnic differences. As much as the school is an International school, Lyceum offers the best of both worlds – a rigorous English medium curriculum, combined with the richly diverse cultural traditions of Sri Lanka. Teaching students to respect their roots and to strive to contribute to their motherland, while enhancing their own lives, is a vital part of what we teach our students at Lyceum. The school motto, “Know Thyself, ” rings true today as Lyceum has produced many high achievers, contributing to the country’s betterment on the local and international stages.

The school covers all the schooling years, ranging from Nursery to Secondary School. Up to Middle School Lyceum follows a specially curated curriculum, created by professionals under the guidance of Dr. Grero. Once the student reaches Secondary school, they can choose between National and International (Edexcel) curriculums in Commerce or Science streams, with Arts being provided in selected Schools. From the very beginning, Lyceum International School was designed to meet the highest international and national standards in education. The curriculum was carefully crafted to provide students with a thorough education, that combines academics with co-curricular activities, and to prepare them for success at the university level and beyond.

The infrastructure of the schools has improved over the years, ensuring students a modern, safe and comfortable environment to learn, and for teachers to conduct their lessons. We have state-of-the-art facilities and follow Industry 4.0 practices, to ensure students get the best, up-to-date, learning experience, and that teachers have all the tools necessary to meet their responsibilities. Staying true to our principles, we also strive for innovative education, combining new ways of teaching and learning, to give our students a well-rounded, comprehensive, schooling experience that will help them stand out from the rest.

Over the past 30 years, Lyceum International School has grown and flourished, becoming one of the premier educational institutions in Sri Lanka. Our graduates have gone on to attend the best universities in the world, and many have become leaders in their respective fields. The school’s commitment to academic excellence and cultural enrichment has made it a sought-after institution for parents looking to provide their children with a solid foundation, that will help them pursue their dreams.

Lyceum International School has always held fast to its founding principles. Its commitment to providing students with a comprehensive education, that meets the highest international and national education standards, combined with a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka, has made it a place with endless potential for growth for youth. Lyceum will continue to grow and provide high-quality English medium education to students across Sri Lanka.

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