School Anthem

Lyceum our Alma Mater, may thy torch of learning burn,
In body, mind and spirit for thy teaching we all yearn,
Like mighty Apollo let's stand with strength and courage bold
With wisdom from Aristotle, our future may thee mould.

Silver and blue, the colours blend on the flag that bears our name,
Silver for the cold, cold ice and blue from the hottest flame.
We pledge to thee our loyalty, now till the end of days
Lyceum our own dear school, a school we proudly praise.

Let's all unite and progress forth, walking hand in hand
Like children of one family in our dear Motherland
Teach us to lead and follow too, be honest, true and kind
Gain knowledge day by day and love all mankind.

Let's respect every teacher and the rules of school obey,
Be loyal to our friends and seek the Truth always
Help us to face tomorrow and uphold thy glorious name
And always, wherever we are, your name to acclaim.

Lyrics and Music: Kalasuri Lylie Godridge
Year of Composition: 1993

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