Director’s Message

Professional portrait of Mr. Nikitha Grero in a light gray suit and maroon tie.
Message from the Director

Lyceum International School was launched with a vision to introduce affordable, high-quality education in the English-medium, and to equip the younger generation with skills, attributes, and knowledge to become global citizens, who will make a positive impact in the world. This remarkable vision was brought to life on 14th June 1993, when Dr Mohan Lal Grero and Dr. (Mrs) Kumari Grero opened the first Lyceum branch in Nugegoda.

At Lyceum, we recognise that children as individuals can thrive in a positive, empowering learning environment, where they are encouraged to have curious minds, a passion for learning and the motivation to succeed in whatever they choose to do. We strongly believe that our students should be encouraged to discover their potential, and not only thrive in academics but also develop their characteristics and talents.

Over the years, we have faced our challenges with perseverance, choosing to move in the direction that will truly benefit our school, and most importantly, guide our students towards a bright future. As for the years to come, I look forward to the progress and impact we will make as we continue our journey in education.

Mr. Nikitha Grero – Director
M.Ed. (Specialising in Leadership, Policy & Change), B.Com.(Double Major; Accounting & Management)

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