Daycare Introduction

Lyceum Daycare (LDC)

Lyceum Day Care logo: colorful, abstract figures symbolizing care, diversity, inclusiveness.

Lyceum Day Care is a venture registered under PV00228631, and is currently operating in Kurunegala, Nugegoda, Panadura and Anuradhapura. Since its inception in 2019, the main objective of Lyceum Day Care has been to provide a value added service to students of Lyceum International School. We manage an exclusive centre with a limited intake of students. Every aspect of the Lyceum Day Care is managed, catering to specific needs of the children.

Early years of life plays a vital role in a child’s development and we believe that Lyceum Day Care can provide a reliable and a cost effective child care solution to modern day parents. Our aim is to provide love and care for little children from 2 ½ to 10 years of age.

Multitude of early childhood experiences contribute towards the overall development of children. Early personal resources like good health, strong social connections, and positive engagement in activities and the natural world tend to support children to develop meaningful life goals. Lyceum Day Care specialises in providing a holistic approach in child care.

Our Vision

"To create a pathway to nurture childrenin an environment enriched with love and care"

Our Mission

“To support and encourage younger generations emotionallyand physically in order to produce world-class citizens”

Three boys building colorful block structures in a vibrant classroom.
Our Commitment

Child Safety and Our Facilities

Child Safety and Facilities offered by Lyceum Day Care

Health and safety is an integral part of early childhood development. Therefore, the following measures have been implemented to ensure the well-being of all the children in our care.

  • Currently Lyceumers and the children of Lyceum staff members are accommodated at Lyceum Day Care.
  • Children from other schools will be accommodated upon request and under special permission from parents.
  • We welcome children from all forms of diversities, faiths, statuses & ethnicity. And cultural festivities are celebrated to embrace the uniqueness and diversity of all children.
  • Toddlers, pre-school and primary students aged 2 1/2 to 10 years are accommodated on a full time and half time basis.
  • We are open from Monday to Friday from 7.00am to 6.00pm and on all public holidays.
  • Full time care facilities during holiday months are provided.

Lyceum Day Care Offers Student Assistance

  • Lyceum Day Care staff members are assigned to pick students from their respective classes/ extracurricular activities and bring them to the daycare centre.
  • While in the daycare premises Lyceum Day Care staff is assigned to provide student assistance during on-line studies.
  • After school homework assistance is also provided upon request.

Lyceum Day Care Health and Safety Measures

  • Lyceum Day Care follows and maintains all health guidelines.
  • All staff members are trained in handling Basic First Aid and Fire Safety.
  • Regular checks are maintained for fire safety and fire extinguishers are placed in all Lyceum Day Cares.
  • Lyceum Day Care aims at providing a personalised care programme based on the needs and requirements of parents.
  • Hot water facilities for children are provided at Lyceum Day Care, Nugegoda and Panadura.
  • Lyceum Day Care offers safe drinking water to all the children.
  • Food storing and warming facilities are available upon request at Nugegoda and Panadura care centres.
  • Dental check ups and regular health check ups are arranged for the benefit of all children.
  • Lyceum Day Care centres situated outside main schools work in collaboration with NCG Speed transport services to transport children from the school to the Day Care ensuring the safety of children.
  • LSO/SO is present at all daycares.

Lyceum Day Care Value Added Services

  • Extra curricular activities such as singing, dancing, kids aerobics and arts and craft are carried out free of charge for Lyceum Day Care students.
  • Holiday activities such as, outings, concerts, story sessions, cookery, movie days and gardening activities are arranged for children.
  • Student counselling, speech therapy and expert advice from a panel of well qualified Lyceum staff members are offered upon request.
Daycare Contacts

Contact Details

General Line: (+94) 11 7 924 977

Lyceum Day Care - Nugegoda

Location: Situated within 100m from Lyceum Nugegoda
Hotline: (+94) 76 6 632 153
Landline: (+94) 11 7 924 977
Address: 14/8, Pietersz Place, Nugegoda

Lyceum Day Care - Panadura

Location: Situated within 100m from Lyceum Bekkegama
Hotline: (+94) 74 0 597 719
Landline: (+94) 38 7 413 322
Address: No. 84, Bekkegama, Idigaha Road, Panadura

Lyceum Day Care - Kurunegala

Location: Situated within the Main School
Hotline: (+94) 74 3 535 994
Landline: (+94) 37 4 550 977
Address: No. 71, Udawalpola Road, Kurunegala

Lyceum Day Care - Anuradhapura

Location: Situated within the Main School
Hotline: (+94) 77 6 369 722
Landline: (N/A)
Address: No. 128, New Kandy Road, Isurupura, Anuradhapura

Lyceum Day Care - Avissawella

Location: Situated within the Main School
Hotline: (+94) 76 7 716 133
Landline: (+94) 36 7 856 766
Address: No. 64/A, Madola, Avissawella

Lyceum Day Care - Katunayake

Coming Soon...


Daycare Facilities


What our proud
parents say about their
experience with us?

Parent Feedback

“As a parent, I couldn't be more pleased with the Lyceum Day Care facility. The care and attention given to my child have been exceptional, and I have seen a significant improvement in their development since enroling him in the daycare.

The staff at Lyceum Day Care are genuinely caring and take a personal interest in the wellbeing of the children. They go above and beyond to ensure that each child's individual needs are met and are always available to address any concerns that parents may have.

The facility is equipped with excellent value-added services and facilities such as transportation services, as well as well-designed learning and play areas that cater to children of all ages, sick rooms, and reading areas. They also offer a range of activities to engage the children and promote their growth, including games, arts and crafts, music/dancing sessions and special dental camps etc.

Most importantly, my child is happy attending Lyceum Day Care, and that's the best indicator of the quality of care they receive. They come home every day with stories about the new things they've learned and the fun they've had with their friends. I have also seen a marked improvement in his communication and social skills, which is a testament to the positive impact that they (LDC) have made.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Lyceum Day Care to any parent looking for a reliable and caring daycare facility for their children. The staff, facilities, and programs are top-notch, and I'm grateful for the peace of mind that comes with knowing my child is in good hands.”

Krishan Bandara

Vice President, Gennext Private Limited

Parent Feedback

“They love and care for my children as if they are their own. The teachers and the staff are exceptional and truly grateful. They made my children feel comfortable, and at home, most importantly developed their capability of sharing and caring.

I highly recommend this daycare to any parent with a child entering Lyceum - Kurunegala.”

Thadini Kulasinghe

Software Engineer

Parent Feedback

“Lyceum Day Care is an amazing place! Very clean with great staff and very welcoming. It’s wonderful seeing my son get excited about going to daycare here. My son has been going to daycare for almost one and a half years. I can see the growth and learning every day.
I am very pleased to say that I have never regretted choosing Lyceum Daycare to care for my child. The staff has been fantastic, and they are all obviously doing what they love to do. They are always positive and happy to see my child come through the door. They interact positively with all the children and are responsive to my children’s daily needs.

When I see my son interact with the other kids, they are attentive and share toys with him and give him a pleasurable approach whenever he comes and goes. It’s very nice to know that he is in a caring environment while he isn’t home.

It is never easy for a working parent to leave their child in someone else’s care, but I can honestly say I am able to focus on my career knowing they are happy and in good care.

I would recommend this place to everyone with little ones.”

Prarthana Wijesiri

Course Director/ Lecturer Consultant, Design School of NIBM

Parent Feedback

“Since we both are working parents, we needed a daycare that could look after our two daughters, so we decided to enrol them in Lyceum Day Care because we wanted their time to be spent meaningfully until we picked them up. It is so easy for the children to go to the daycare after school as the daycare is in the school itself. After our kids started at Lyceum daycare, I was anxious about being away from my younger daughter for the first time as she used to be picked up soon after school, but I still remember how relieved I was when I saw her brightened up face and coming happily with the daycare teachers towards the school gate.

My daughters really love Lyceum Daycare and there were times when they said, ``We can't wait to go to daycare to chat with daycare teachers and to play with friends!” When I ask them about the day after they come home, they always say, ``It was fun!``.Rather than being a typical daycare, Lyceum Day Care arranges timely events such as Day outs, Avurudu Celebrations, and Special Days celebrations for the pleasure of children.

I'm really grateful that we can feel free to talk to the teachers anytime, even about small matters, and they answer kindly each time. My daughters are really fond of their daycare teachers and friends, and when I see them happily talking about their experiences at daycare and what they have learned, I think it’s wonderful that they can have such a good time even after school. So we highly recommend Lyceum Day care that ensures the children’s protection in a stress-free environment. Lyceum Day Care is really an asset to the Lyceum International School, Kurunegala is the top leading International School in our area.”

Ravi Kahawatte

Deputy Superintendent, Sri Lanka Customs

Parent Feedback

“My daughter has been in daycare for quite some time now and she enjoys it so much. She gets excited to go there every day. She makes more new friends in daycare and can't wait to go play and learn with friends. I am glad that the daycare gives the facility of after-school music, dancing, and art and craft classes. A clean homely environment, constant security and safe school pick-up make it so much easier for me to focus on my work day. I am grateful to the entire daycare staff and the management for making another home for my daughter away from home.”

Bavani Gallage

Medical Doctor

Parent Feedback

“I am a doctor and I have been sending my two children to Lyceum Day Care and I am happy with the care they received so far. The staff are friendly, and caring, and my children's feedback about the daycare is positive. They offer many educational and fun activities that help to develop their social skills and creativity. The facilities are clean, safe and well-maintained. I highly recommend this daycare to parents looking for a safe and caring environment for their children.”

R. Senaratne

Doctor, Base Hospital, Panadura

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