The Lyceum International School Website Snatches Gold at the BestWeb.LK Awards

In today’s digital age, a school website serves as a vital gateway to the institution’s offerings and values. It is not merely an online presence, but an interactive platform that engages prospective students, parents, and the community at large. Lyceum International School, renowned for its commitment to excellence in education, understands the potential of a fully inclusive and multi-functional website, complete with an admissions portal.

We celebrate the hard work and dedication of the team behind this exceptional project and the well-deserved recognition it received – the Gold Award for the Best University and Education Institute Website in Sri Lanka, at the BestWeb.LK 2023 Annual Competition. The competition is hosted by the LK Domain Registry and the nominees are judged by a panel of industry experts allowing for a fair and thorough examination of each site.

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The development of Lyceum International School’s website was no small feat. It required a team of skilled professionals with diverse web design, content creation, user experience, and technical development expertise. Together, they envisioned a website that would reflect the school’s ethos, showcase its services comprehensively, and facilitate seamless interaction with potential students and parents.

Months of hard work culminated in the launch of the new Lyceum International School website. Its aesthetic design, intuitive navigation, and engaging content received widespread acclaim from the school’s community and beyond. The website’s success was further cemented when it received the Gold Award for the category of Best University and Education Institute Website at a prestigious web design competition.

Winning the Gold Award was a testament to the team’s dedication, innovation, and passion for their craft. Their commitment to creating a website that truly represented Lyceum International School’s values and services set it apart from the competition. The judges recognised the website’s seamless integration of an admissions portal and the careful attention given to accessibility, making it a deserving winner in its category.

The website was able to make it to the very top from over 570 participants and over 30 other competitors from the same category. Representatives of the team were present at the Award Ceremony held 9th August 2023 at the Monarch Imperial. The team was presented with the award by Eng. Lt. Col. Dr. Chandana D. Gamage, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Moratuwa.

While the Gold Award was a moment of celebration, the team sees it as only the beginning. They understand that maintaining a high standard of excellence requires continuous effort and improvement. Feedback from users and ongoing analysis of website metrics have become essential tools in refining the website’s performance and user experience.

As Lyceum International School continues to grow and evolve, so will its website. The team remains dedicated to updating and expanding its offerings, ensuring that the website stays relevant and practical. Regular updates to the admissions portal, timely publication of academic events, and showcasing the achievements of students are just some of the ways they plan to continue the good work and reinforce the school’s commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, the journey of developing Lyceum International School’s multifunctional and inclusive website was a labour of love and a testament to the dedication and creativity of the team behind it. Winning the Gold Award for the Best University and Education Institute Website was a deserving recognition of their hard work and the website’s exceptional quality. As they continue to improve and innovate, the school’s website will remain a shining example of how an institution can use digital platforms to engage, inform, and connect with its community.

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