About Lyceum

School Introduction

About Lyceum

At Lyceum, our students are nurtured within the socio-cultural environment of Sri Lanka, encouraging camaraderie within academics and co-curricular activities. We offer both the curriculums of National and International Streams, which opens doors to many opportunities for our Lyceumers.

Today, the Lyceum International School prospers under the care of Dr. (Mrs) Kumari Grero, the Coordinating Principal. The school is co-educational and committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, starting from Pre-Primary to Secondary school.

The motto of Lyceum International School is “Know Thyself”.

School History

Our Story

Lyceum International School was founded in 1993 with only seven students and four teachers by visionary educator, Honourable Dr. Mohan Lal Grero to provide English medium education from Pre-school to Grade 12. Since then, Lyceum International School has come a long way with multiple branches spread out across the island – a testament to our high-quality education and passion for teaching.

Our Mission

To enhance the potential of every young soul that passes through our halls, empowering them to be the best they can be.

Our Vision

To produce global citizens, who will reshape the future of their motherland.

School Values

Our Values

  • To provide excellence in education and also to provide teaching of the highest quality.
  • To introduce pupils to a variety of recreational and co-curricular activities to develop physical fitness combined with health-consciousness and to foster team spirit and magnanimity.
  • To prepare pupils to study at Colleges and Universities that accept internationally recognized entrance qualifications.
  • To promote community services, reaching out into society and to create a better understanding of social problems.
  • To develop in every pupil; self-discipline, responsibility, spiritual and moral values, consideration for others, and pride in one’s self and one’s achievements, leading to the highest possible standards of behavior.
  • To foster national unity by encouraging pupils to understand and tolerate the diverse cultures, religions and national values of our society through their own culture, language and religion.
Concept Introduction

The Lyceumer

Like the iceberg Lyceumers have depth but are also humble and simple as they are not boastful of their achievements only letting their actions reveal their strength and skills. They can withstand any shock or negative impact and work their way around problems with quiet strength and wisdom. They face both victories and defeats, which are a part of life and learning, with grace and dignity.

On the other hand, Lyceumers are also like Oxy-Acetylene flames. Fierce, powerful and able to cut through any obstacle they face. They reach for their dreams and achieve success with strength and will.

Conceptualized by Dr. Mohan Lal Grero.

Smiling kids in school uniforms with backpacks, excited for school.
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