Glimpse of the Overnight Pirith Sermon held at Lyceum Panadura

Nighttime traditional procession with ornate bundles, yellow parasols, and cascading festive lights.

The completion of 24 years in the field of education is a cause for celebrations and a calling for blessings. In this view, an overnight pirith Ceremony was organized by Lyceum International School Panadura.

In commemoration of 24 years of excellence in the field of Education in Sri Lanka, and to evoke blessings on the students who faced their International and National Ordinary Level examinations and International AS and AL examinations this May. Religious blessings of other religions were also held on the 3rd of May to evoke blessings for the students.

The contribution of all stake holders including parents is note worthy of mentioning.

The immense support of all our staff, parents, and students were a blessing. The contributions were in forms of donations of Ata pirikara to other offerings and even with the decorations.

The school was illuminated to suit the occasion with lighting stretched from the main entrance of the school.

Before the commencement of the Pirith, a Gilampasa procession paraded from school to the Walana Buddha statue where students, parents, and members of the staff engaged in religious observances.

This meritorious Pirith Ceremony was followed by an alms giving (heel dhane) on the 4th morning.

The entire Lyceum community joined hands for this meritorious deed and it was successfully held with the contribution of all its stake holder.

The participation of members of other Lyceum Schools was a highlight the Pirith Ceremony. This showed not only the dedication of the organizing committee but also the devotion of its 24 years of service.

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