Lyceum Education Arrives at Katunayake

The Arrival!

Lyceum International School celebrates a momentous occasion – the opening of its 10th branch in Katunayake!

The inauguration ceremony, held on May 6th, welcomed esteemed guests including Dr. Kavinda Jayawardhana (MP), Mr. Nilanka Imbuldeniya (Director General), and Mrs. Kumari Wijeratne (Deputy Coordinating Principal), along with faculty and staff.

This innovative new branch boasts cutting-edge facilities, including modern classrooms, advanced laboratories, and an upcoming swimming pool. Catering to young learners from Daycare to Grade 1, Lyceum Katunayake strengthens the school’s position as a pioneer in Sri Lankan International Education.

Destined horizons

The school’s comprehensive programs offer a transformative educational odyssey for students aged 2 and a half years and above.
This September marks the exciting launch, with subsequent years seeing the addition of new grades, ensuring a progressive and enriching learning experience for all.

Lyceum continues to build on its legacy of academic excellence, nurturing future leaders in Katunayake and beyond.

Are you ready to embark on this latest educational adventure?

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