Teacher’s Day 2023: Transformation Through Teaching

The new age requires a specialised way of teaching that is with the times. A teacher’s job is crucial in providing a young mind the foundational building blocks of their life’s journey, not just academically but holistically as well.

At Lyceum International School, we understand this crucial role played by teachers. A teacher’s ability to share knowledge with a student, to nurture, and care for young minds requires a very specific skill set and tools. Teaching is the catalyst that will determine a student’s success academically in school and outside the school.

Teachers Day 01

A Teacher’s role is crucial in a young student’s school life.

This Teacher’s Day we celebrate the Lyceum teachers who have contributed massively to the School’s educational legacy and enriched many students’ lives. Our teachers are a group of highly skilled and trained individuals who are adept at the craft of teaching. Sharing knowledge in a way that is compatible with young minds is important to ensure academic excellence.

At Lyceum we have provided our teachers the necessary tools to enrich lessons and use a combination of traditional and modern teaching methods to ensure the students get a comprehensive learning experience.

This year we honoured our beloved retired teachers with the honourable title of “Emeritus Teacher”, we believe that all teachers take on a gargantuan task that they keep with them for life. We want to help encourage teachers and appreciate them for their work in any way possible because without them schools would cease to exist.

Teachers Day 02

A Teacher’s wellbeing is imperative to ensure the success of the students and the school.

This year’s theme is: “The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage”. In light of this concern, we do our utmost to ensure the well-being of educators and support teachers in their work.

With technology evolving and the educational landscape transforming, the role of teachers becomes even more crucial. They bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, ensuring that students are prepared for the challenges of the future.

On this Teachers’ Day, let’s remember the dedication, passion, and hard work of teachers. They are the unsung heroes who light the path to a brighter tomorrow. Their influence is immeasurable, and their impact is eternal.

Teachers Day 03

Teaching is a lifelong profession that impacts many lives.

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