Sir Michael Wilshaw Applauds Lyceum’s Educational Vision on its Founding Day

My congratulations to the Lyceum family as you celebrate your Founding Day.

As Chief Academic Advisor to Lyceum, I visit the schools every year in your wonderful country of Sri Lanka.

I never fail to be impressed by the dedication of the staff and the achievements of the students. They are a credit to the country which, I know, has gone through some difficult times in recent years.

I’ve just returned from my latest visit and it was good to see the Group consolidating after the trials of the Pandemic, and now expanding its provision to another school near the airport as well as building additional capacity in a number of the existing schools across the country. This is very much a testimony to the continuing confidence in Lyceum shown by parents and families since its inception in 1993.

The University Campus is developing well and forging productive links with universities abroad, especially in Australia, Canada and the UK. I met their admission officers and Principals at a well-attended reception in Central Colombo on the first evening of my arrival in March. There is no doubt in my mind that tertiary education at Lyceum will grow, develop and be as successful as the Primary and Secondary phases of the Group.

Ambition is the watchword of this wonderful family. They are always looking to extend the boundaries of achievement so that the young people of Sri Lanka have access to the same opportunities as their counterparts in other parts of the world. This celebration of the Lyceum Group’s Foundation is a reflection of a continuing educational vision that I’m privileged to witness and share.

I continue to be proud of my association with Lyceum which does so much for the wonderful country of Sri Lanka. Congratulations, once again, on your Foundation Day.

Sir Michael Wilshaw (former Chief Inspector of Schools in the UK)

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