Lyceum International School: Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Education

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From humble beginnings to the largest network of International schools in Sri Lanka, Lyceum has come a long way. Let’s take a look at our journey so far.

Humble Beginnings

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Two parents looking for a good English medium school for their child to attend were disappointed when they realised the options available at the time were not up to their standards. They decided to take matters into their own hands and establish their own. The parents are our Founders, the Drs. Mohan Lal Grero and Kumari Grero, and the school – Lyceum International School.

Lyceum International School was established on June 14th, 1993 on Raymond Road, Nugegoda. Lyceum International School started with only seven students, four teachers, one registrar, one principal, and one director. Since then, we have come a long way, paving the way for standardised, high-quality English Medium education in Sri Lanka.

With time, the school gained popularity as an institution providing affordable, high-quality English medium education. Today it is a prestigious English Medium school having produced thousands of young leaders.

Lyceum International School: The Inspiration Behind the Name

Dr Mohan Lal Grero took inspiration from the prestigious school of philosophy – The Lyceum – in ancient Greece, associated with the great philosopher Aristotle. The school focuses on nurturing young minds to become successful individuals. The school motto aptly says “Know Thyself”, a school of thought originating in Greek philosophy. Lyceum International School combines teachings from the past and the present while looking towards the future, a principle that rings true to this day.

A Legacy of 30 Years

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For the past thirty years, Lyceum International School has been at the forefront of Sri Lankan education by providing affordable English medium education. Parents looking for the right school that has international standards combined with Sri Lankan values have found just the right Alma Mater for their children in Lyceum International School.

The Lyceum name is synonymous with good values. We prioritise instilling in our students a value system of acceptance, kindness, honesty, and strength. Our students study in a multicultural and multiethnic environment that does not discriminate against anyone in any way. We also make it a point to instil Sri Lankan values despite being an international school. We believe that this will create global citizens who will one day go on to benefit the nation and the world.

Lyceum Today

Modern Learning

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Lyceum International School Wattala facility now as of 2023 March.

Today the school ensures students get a modern and innovative schooling experience. We understand that to survive in today’s tech-forward world we must apply innovative solutions. This has allowed us to retain our name as a reputed international school.

Lyceum Teachers and Students

We strive to provide all our students with an immersive schooling experience. We believe that teaching and learning go hand in hand, which is why we make sure each student’s unique abilities are recognised. Apart from academia we also provide co-curricular activities and community service that help build team spirit and showcase their other talents. Many generations of Lyceumers have walked through our gates to go on to do great things outside of school.

Our reputation for producing high achievers in academics and sports is thanks to our team of expert teachers and coaches. Lyceum teachers are highly qualified and trained in their respective subjects and are equipped to prepare your child to face their ordinary and advanced-level examinations without issue.

One of our key strengths is our commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all students. The school’s dedicated staff, including the administration and the management, work hard to create a positive and supportive environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential. We ensure our students are well-equipped to tackle any challenges the world throws in their way.

The Future

The only way is up and Lyceum plans to continue our legacy of providing high-quality education to future generations of young leaders. With our innovative teaching methods and up-to-date curricula and syllabi Lyceum will strive to remain a beacon of academic excellence.

On this 30th anniversary, we have much to be proud of, starting from humble beginnings to growing into the education giant we are today – Lyceum will strive to continue our legacy of excellence.

Lastly, to all the students and parents, thank you for being a part of our long journey, without you, Lyceum would not be what it is today.

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