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Lyceum Leadership Conference (LLC)

Lyceum Leadership conference came to an end with over 170 prefects from the Lyceum Group of International Schools taking part. The final day of the Leadership Conference comprised of outdoor physical training sessions & motivational lectures by reputed resource personnel. The Prefects’ Forum which was held at the end of this event created a platform for prefects from all schools to discuss the challenges that lay ahead and their way forward.

The conference came to an end on a high note with the address by the Coordinating Principal, Dr.Kumari Grero which added much value to this programme.


Dear Parents,

Please note that a meeting will be held for all parents of students sitting for the Cambridge Examinations at present (gr10 and 12)

Date - 14th May
Time - 2.30pm.
Venue- Aeolian Hall

*Please bring your child's SRB along with you, in order to verify your identity at the gate.

Appreciate your presence.
Thank you.


News Update as at 04.05.2019

Dear Parents,

All, Lyceum School other than Nuwara Eliya, Kurunegala & Anuradhapura will open in May as follows.

9th - Grade 10 National, Grade 11, Grade 12 National
10th - Grade 9 Upwards

13th - Grade 7 upwards

14th - Grade 6 upwards

15th - Grade 5 upwards

16th - Grade 4 Upwards

17th - Grade 3 Upwards
20th - Grade 1 Upwards
21st - Pre Grade Upwards

22nd - Full school will function

Lyceum Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, & Nuwara Eliya will reopen as follows in May

6th - Full School, all grades begin.

Further Note, that school will have additional classes in August to cover up the missed out work

Nikitha Grero

Chief Visionary Officer & Director

Lyceum Group


Please note that there has been an amendment to the school session which was communicated to you at the end of last term.


The school session will be as follows with effect from the 3rd Term. 


Upper Nursery - 8.30 am to 12.00 pm

Pre Grade - 8.30 am to 12.30 pm

Grade 1 and 2 - 8.00 am - 1.30 pm.


Please note that school will re-open as follows:


Pre Grade - Monday, 6th May

Upper Nursery, Grade 1 and 2 - Tuesday, 7th May

Grade 3I and J - Tuesday, 7th May

School Management.


2nd May 2019

The following from British Council pertains to candidates sitting for the Cambridge 2019 May-June examination series:

In light of recent events, the British Council would like to clarify that schools have three options with regard to candidate registration:


The candidate sits for all examinations as per the issued statement of entry.

Schools can apply for special consideration on behalf of candidates. These will be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Candidates can withdraw from the May-June series and re-register for a subsequent relevant examination series.  Candidates may cite the recent event as grounds for withdrawal. Candidates do not need to provide a medical certificate and will be provided a full refund. The deadline for withdrawal is Saturday, 11th May 2019.


Due to the prevailing situation in the country, candidates are requested to refrain from bringing in bulky bags and parcels to the exam venue. All your personal belongings will be subjected to a security check before entering into the exam venue. At
the same time, please note that only the candidates will be allowed in to the exam venue. We urge parents not to gather and park around the venue entrance. Also, as it is the rainy season, candidates are requested to use raincoats instead of bringing umbrellas to the examination venue.

For any further queries, you may contact the school on the following hot line numbers: Ms. Rosy on 0761386428 or the general school line on (011) 2822387, 2829744, 2829745, 4334568.

Please also check the school website regularly for important notices


Thank you for your cooperation.

Dr(Mrs.) Kumari Grero

Coordinating Principal