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Students of the Lyceum International School, Kurunegala performed an outstanding level of sportsmanship and courage doing their best to bring a glorious victories to their houses at the annul Sports Meet , which was held recently at the Welagedara Ground.
At the end of the day , Cygnus House emerged the Overall Championship with 237 points, the second position secured Ursa House with 199 points, while Aquila House scored 181 points and Cetus House scored 169 points for the third and fourth places respectively.
Congratulations to following athletes , who all received the “ Champion ” awards for the best individual performances in their respective age groups.
Under 8
Boys :Yomeen Devage
Girls : Okenya Karunarathna
Under 10
Boys : M. Azan Mohamad
Girls : Fathima Ahla
Under 12
Boys : Dulin Minthaka
Girls : Gaweesha Dharmarathna
Under 14
Boys : Saleem Hanan
Girls : Senaya Jayalath
Pix by Lyceum Media Team


The eighth and most recent branch of the Lyceum International School network, celebrated its second anniversary on 17th September at the school premises in Kurunegala with a memorable day full of speeches, special performances from students and staff member awards to mark this special occasion. Amongst those present were the Chief Guest – Chief Visionary Officer of Lyceum International Schools, Mr. Nikitha Grero accompanied by the Deputy Principal of Lyceum International Schools, Mr. Chandana Basnayake, Headmistress, Mrs. Dinithai Wijenayake Sectional Head Ms. Nuwangi Rajapaksha, Pre Primary Sectional Head, Mrs. Sajeewa Hemarathna, Senior Management and Members of Staff from all Branch Schools.


Despite commencing operations on 16th September 2016 with 120 students and 43 members of staff, Lyceum International School Kurunegala has made an impressive growth with over 800 students and 200 staff members in just two years since opening its doors to the community in Kurunegala. Without a doubt, the education exigency in Kurunegala, which was identified by Dr. Mohan Lal Grero, was justified by the demand of students seeking an affordable international school edu
cation in this part of the country.

Just like the founding school in Nugegoda and other branch schools in Panadura, Wattala, Ratnapura, Gampaha, Anuradhapura and Nuwara Eliya, Lyceum Kurunegala too, is committed to providing a world class education to students from Upper Nursery through to Grade 12, whilst incorporating all the norms and Sri Lankan traditions that are the very life of all Lyceum schools. The four prominent religions are taught with each prayer being broadcasted at the beginning of every school day. All subjects are taught by highly qualified teachers following a centralized syllabus and schemes of work that prepare students for either the National Ordinary levels and Advanced levels or Cambridge Ordinary levels and Advanced levels.


Students are also encouraged to develop a healthy mind in a healthy body through many co-curricular activities conducted at the school, such as Cultural Dancing, Western Dancing, Eastern Music, Western Music and Orchestra, Speech and Drama, Cubbing, Little Friends, Cricket, Chess, Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics and Karate. These activities are constantly supervised and overlooked by senior staff attached to the parent school at Nugegoda. In addition to these activities, Lyceum Kurunegala students also benefit from many events organized by the school, such as religious festivals, cultural events, concerts, field trips, adventure camps and charitable activities that are all a part of the school’s commitment to produce a force of youth who are active, well-balanced, all-rounded individuals.


In order to provide students with an enhanced learning experience that compliments the subjects and activities conducted at Lyceum Kurunegala, the Director of Lyceum International Schools and Principal, Mr. Nikitha Grero, had identified and provided the school with many modern and innovative facilities and services, such as spacious classrooms that are fully equipped with comfortable furniture imported from China and multimedia facilities to promote better student engagement, a newly built modern library for students to develop life-long reading skills, a conference hall for meetings and a main hall with a seating capacity for up to 800 people, a media unit with the latest technology and equipment to provide a fast and efficient service to all Lyceum schools, a secure school bus transportation service from Wariyapola, Alauwa and Galewela, a kiddies park as well as an adventure park that conducts outbound training for Lyceum students from all branches as well as corporate customers.


In addition to these facilities, Lyceum Kurunegala is also in the process of constructing a brand new Day Care center to cater to younger children as well. The school is also on track to start construction of Sri Lanka’s largest swimming pool complex for an international school. The Lyceum Academy for Teacher Education (LATE) based at the parent school in Nugegoda, also opened a branch in Kurunegala to conduct affordable Diploma programmes that are specially designed with the most up-to date methods of teaching, to produce a high caliber of teachers who are confident to teach not only at Lyceum, but also at any international / English speaking school in the country or abroad. Lyceum Kurunegala has also collaborated with the Sri Ananda Buddhist Dhamma School to conduct Dhamma sessions for Buddhist Children in English and Sinhala medium. It is also the first Buddhist School in the North Western province that is conducted by an international school.


Many students from the school have also outshone at various events such as the British Lanka Festival for the Performing Arts (BLFPA) 2017 / 2018, where the Orchestra team became the ‘All island winners’ and the Under 9 boys won gold medals for both the North Western Province Swimming Championships and the Wenpura Dolphin Swimming Meet. Many gold, silver and bronze medals have also been awarded to students who performed at the recent Itosukai Karate Championship, the 6th Kurunegala District Karate Championship and the North Western Province Karate Championship.


Over the last two years, many CSR projects had been organized by the management of Lyceum Kurunegala to provide aid and contribute towards the development of many underprivileged communities and schools. Of the projects organized, was a CSR programme for children at the Hinnugala Junior School, which is a school that falls under the low income region of the Kurunegala district. Many basic necessities for their school such as sanitary facilities, stationary, past papers, books and educational support equipment were provided. A flood relief programme also took place for people in the Ratnapura and Kalutara districts, where the school collected and delivered food packages, drinking water, clothes and other essential items to over 500 households that were heavily affected by the floods in those districts. Many donations have also taken place such as drinking water being provided to the students of draught hit areas in the Pollonaruwa District, library books for children societies to open libraries in the Kurunegala Divisional Secretariat area and other donations to needy people within the community.


The Lyceum International School network as a whole are at the epitome of success due to their continuous efforts to bring a modern and practical approach to international school education in Sri Lanka, by ensuring to deliver the best in order to bring out the best in every student that passes through their halls. Without a doubt Lyceum Kurunegala will continue to surpass standards and take education further to all future generations to come


The annual graduation ceremony of Lyceum International School Kurunegala which was held recently at Lyceum Adventure Park Kurunegala.


Lyceum Kurunegala Choir and Orchestra teams won the “All Island Winner" for the second consecutive year at the British Lanka Festival for the Performing Arts (BLFPA), which was organized by the IMSSS Organisation, affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance & Speech - United Kingdom. This amazing achievement would not have been possible if not for the amazing panel of teachers who raise the standards of teaching as well as our students for their exceptional performances.

A Day Devoted to Social Responsibility

Lyceum Kindness to Hinuggala Children" CSR Programme was held at Hinuggala Junior School, recently and it was a great success. The students and parents of Hinuggala Junior School, which is a school that falls under the low income region of the Kurunegala district are all in smiles. They were extremely happy to receive the basic facilities for their school with sanitary facilities, stationary, past papers, books and educational support equipment under the CSR project of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala. In addition, the students and management of Lyceum Kurunegala organized various activities throughout the day. Activities included were parental education programme for villagers, outbound training for students, singing, dancing and many more performances under the guidance of Mr.Nikitha Grero Director / Principal of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala. The programme was a great intuition of the Lyceum management towards the social cause. Thank you to all parents, children, academic and non-academic staff and our social media followers and for those who directly and indirectly volunteered supporting this worthy cause a great success.