Mr. Nilanka Imbuldeniya

Mr. Nilanka Imbuldeniya in a blue suit and maroon tie, seated against a dark background.
Director General of Education Sector

Mr. Nilanka Imbuldeniya

Mr. Imbuldeniya is the Director General of the Lyceum Education Group and has been a part of the Lyceum family since 2019. His experience spans over a decade within the education industry as a teacher at St. Thomas’ College – his alma mater – and then as a lecturer and administrator in private tertiary education. He holds an MBA from Birmingham City University, UK & a BBus Specializing in Management & Marketing from Edith Cowan University, Australia. In 2019 Mr. Imbuldeniya joined Lyceum Education Group as Manager – Career Guidance & University Partnerships and took over the overall responsibility of the career guidance department. He initiated the development of Lyceum Placements – the university placements arm of the Lyceum Education Group. Since 2019, Mr. Imbuldeniya has been instrumental in developing not just one, but three key companies within the Lyceum Education Group, namely, Lyceum Placements, Lyceum Assessments and Lyceum Campus. Over the last 5 years he also served in the capacity of General Manager of Lyceum Campus, Lyceum Placements & Lyceum Assessments as well as Deputy Director of Adult Education & Strategic Educational Services.

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