Mr. Haris Omar

Mr. Haris Omar in light purple suit, striped tie, seated on stool against dark gray background.
Deputy Director of Strategic Transformation

Mr. Haris Omar

Mr. Haris Omar currently serves Lyceum International School as the Rotating Head of Strategic Transformation. He served as the Chief People Officer of an Apparel and Textile Company located in Bangladesh prior to onboarding in 2021 September as the General Manager of Strategic Transformation. Mr. Omar earned his Bachelor of Management from the London School of Economics – University of London and continued to obtain his second Degree from the University of RMIT in Applied Science in Textile Technology. Mr. Omar completed his MSc in Lean Systems from Cardiff Business School – University of Cardiff and currently reading for his Professional Doctorate in Operational Excellence from the University of Buckingham. A member of the Global Expert Panel of a Spanish-based company CREA IDEA LAB specialising in Smart City Infrastructure solutions, together with his overall experience in the field of Marketing, Merchandising, Overseas Operations, Human Resources and Lean Transformational roles during his 15-year tenure in MAS Intimates Private Limited serves as a valuable contribution in improving the corporate landscape of Lyceum Education and all its associated organizations. Finally, Mr. Omar had the honour of Captaining the Sri Lanka Under 19 Rugby Team in 1995, the Sri Lanka Under 24 Rugby Team in 1997 and the Sri Lanka National First XV Rugby Team in 2002.

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