Lyceum International School News

Lyceum Kurunegala Pirith Chanting Ceremony

Lyceum Kurunegala Prith Chanting & Almsgiving Ceremony held recently at the school premises under the patronage of Mr.Nikitha  Grero, Principal of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala. 


Religious rituals of the Pirith Chanting were conducted by Rt. Rev . Ven Wetakgama Seelananda , Deputy Prelate to the North Western Province and the Chief Incumbent of Ibbagala Raja Maha viharaya, Kurunegala.



Founder of the Lyceum International Schools, Mr. Mohan Lal Grero, Headmistress of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala Mrs. Narmadha Wijemanne, students , parents and teachers were present at this occasion .

Candles and Carols An Evening of Christmas Carols

The students and the parents of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala  delighted the audience with their beautiful  performances of Christmas Carols recently at the Lyceum Adventure  Park, Kurunegala.

Lyceum Kurunegala Christmas carols was organized by the academic and non – academic staff, under the guidance of the Principal / Director Mr. Nikitha Grero. It was a truly wonderful  evening which brought the Christmas spirit to the school community.

Water for Life

Lyceum International School, Kurunegala took a step forward to help the victims of drought hit areas in the Polonnaruwa District by organizing a donation program to distribute water bottles to two schools, Thalpotha Rathnasara Vidyalaya and Kagalugama Junior School, recently. This project was carried out under the guidance of Mr Nikitha Grero, Principal/Director Lyceum international School,  Kurunegala.

Mr. D M K Karunarathne - Divisional Secretary, Lankapura, Mr Upali Nanyakkara – Assistant Director, Disaster Management Centre, Ms Nilushi Bandara – Coordinator Lyceum International School, Kurunegala, Mr. Janitha Dissanayake - Media Secretary, Dr Prasad Adikari – Parent Lyceum Kurunegala, Ms. Pavithra Abeynayake – Parent Lyceum Kurunegala participated at this event.

Grand Opening of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala

Kurunegala branch of Lyceum Group of international Schools was ceremonially opened at  No.71, Udawalpola Road, Kurunegala recently. The ceremony was graced by Hon. Kavinda Jayawardane, Member of Parliament for Gampaha District and Chairman of National Youth Front.  Mrs Kumari Grero Coordinating Principal, Mr.Nikitha Grero Principal, Mr Harsha Jayatunga Maintenance and Construction Manager Lyceum International School - Kurunegala and Gamini Peramunage, former Mayor, Kurunegala and a large number of distinguished guests participated at the occasion.

Hon. Dr Kavinda Jayawardane stated that “the role of school and teachers should be not only to provide education but also to nurture children on our culture, values, history and heritage since childhood. He further said that, as an old Lyceumer, he was proud to announce the fact that Lyceum International School has that culture. The Lyceum International School which is a brain child of Mr. Mohan Lal Grero, a veteran educationist,  provides a great example in developing  international school system in Sri Lanka with unique Sri Lankan identity ’’.

Mr.Nikitha Grero, Principal of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala ment
ioned that the school is committed to provide standard international education to children in the area as anticipated by parents. Lyceum group of schools has proved producing of children fitting to the present technological world along with social values and Sri Lankan identity over the last twenty three years. 

Another Bud Blooms

‘Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought blossom.’ - The minds of children are like little, fertile gardens, in which seeds can be planted in order to grow into beautiful flowers in the future.
Having this prime idea in mind, our Founder, Mr. Mohan Lal Grero has taken another massive step towards bringing education closer to the masses, by extending a new branch of the Lyceum International School network to Kurunegala, which will be inaugurated on 16th September 2016.
The population of Kurunegala is expanding and one of their basic necessities - education, is slowly becoming an exigency, which has to be fulfilled immediately. Just because these children do not live in a metropolis like Colombo, it is not appropriate that they be deprived of gaining quality education on an international level. At the outset, the school will cater to students of Lower Nursery, Upper Nursery, Pre-Grade and Grade 1, after which, the school will grow and absorb children of other age groups as well.
Lyceum Kurunegala will incorporate all the norms and traditions, which are part of the very life of Lyceum International School - all the religions will be respected and pr
ayers will be broadcast at the beginning of every day, religious classes for all religions will be conducted by well-qualified teachers and all subjects will be taught following a general / centralised syllabus and schemes of work. Extra-curricular activities will also soon be introduced for the children to flex their bodies and minds and there will be regular supervision by experienced staff attached to the parent school in Nugegoda.
With every stride that our Founder, Mr. Mohan Lal Grero takes, he is very ably assisted by his wife, Mrs. Kumari Grero (Co-ordinating Principal of Lyceum Schools). Together they have created a wonderful path to provide quality and affordable education, whilst filling all the lives they touch with knowledge, love and hope. In this journey, there is also another important personality, their son, Mr. Nikitha Grero, who is also the Director and has brought innovative and unique ideas to make various new developments in the functioning of each and every Lyceum School. This modern approach will aid in the growth and success of the Kurunegala branch as well, as his all-pervasive presence is seen and felt, wherever and whenever it is necessary, in any Lyceum School.