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Exposicao Art & Craft

Arts and crafts are fun for children and the young-at-heart! The art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, future artisanal book makers, potential puppeteers, and more. Apart from other subjects, the children show special enthusiasm in art and craft due to creativity, that pursues within the soul by nature.

To enlighten the efforts of children, Lyceum International holds an annual exhibition to reveal the young talents in art and craft. The most awaited exhibition took place at the Aeolian Hall on Monday the 1st of June 2015 as “Exposição Art & Craft”.

“Exposição”, is derived from Spanish vocabulary, which means, “Exposure”. The fascinating talents that were exposed from the students of Grades 3 and 4. The selection of art projects for kids, DIY activities, and decoration ideas also provide excellent inspiration for craft ideas for kids.

The occasion was graced by Dr. Priyantha Udagedara, a painter and installation artist who obtained his BFA from the Institute of Aesthetic studies at the University of Kelaniya and subsequently an MA in Creative Fine Art practice from Leeds Metropolitan University. From the school’s persp
ective, Ms. Dulka Mendis - the headmistress, Ms. Chathurini - the assistant to headmistress and many other special guests inaugurated the event for its succession.

Nearly 760 original works were presented by students, which were featured for perusals by the chief guest. Besides fine art, a huge variety of crafts were featured stemming from plastic bottles and caps, milk powder cartons, pencil cases, old newspapers, clay and even tills. The essence of this being considering the environment policy where every materials used were carefully monitored under the concept of recycling.

The candle lighting that graced the opening ceremony was designed in most innovative way where a huge lotus was made using recyclable paper as petals and a pool of oil centered in the lotus to float lit candles.

Cute piggies were made in its most simplest form by shrinking empty mega bottles eliminating the middle part of the body and attaching the top and the bottom to form the shape of a pig. Creativity of small children were also observed with other master pieces at the exhibition such as bottle painting, clay pots painting, coloring dried leaves and so on.

The event was organized by Lyceum’s Art Coordinator - Ms. Madhavi Thilakarathna and assistants - Ms. Dananjani Ratnayake and Ms. Nadeesha Gamage. “It is in the best interest of the students who were given the opportunity to perform the decorations and the event demonstration at the most”, says Ms. Madhavi.