Lyceum International School News

Lyceum Wattala Badminton Players shine at the Inter International Schools Badminton Tournament 2016

Our Under 13 Boys’ and Girls’ Teams became champions in this tournament organized by Gateway College, Colombo. The Under 17 Girls’ Team became the Runners-Up. The tournament was held on the 5th to 8th December 2016.

Lyceum International Schools Organize First Lyceum Cavalcade

Lyceum International School has established itself as one of the most recognized schools in Sri Lanka and the only school with nine branches across the island.

Since its inception in June 1993, Lyceum International Schools have not only grown in number but continued to provide students' in Sri Lanka with a quality and affordable education, whilst preserving and upholding our Sri Lankan values.

In order to commemorate and celebrate 23 years of Lyceum, the 8th branch of Lyceum in Anuradhapura has organized the very first LYCEUM CAVALCADE - 2017, which is due to take place on Sunday, 29th January 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The procession will commence from the Salgadu Ground in Anuradhapura and is due to consist of around 350 vehicles, including teachers, parents and students from all Lyceum branches.

The Lyceum Cavalcade procession will have themes under education, modern technology, child abuse, a healthy mind a
nd body
, preserving our culture, saving our wildlife, saving our environment, saving our water and also highlight the dangers of consuming alcohol and the dangers of smoking.

The organizing committee of the Lyceum Cavalcade have also planned to donate stationary items, shoes, school bags and uniform material to school children in rural areas as well as books for libraries. Sanitary facilities will also be donated to schools in the rural areas of Anuradhapura.

Well-wishers are cordially invited to come join the Lyceum Cavalcade 2017 and make it a fun day out for the entire family!


The Parade Route will start from Salgadu Ground > Clock Tower Junction > Sathosa Junction > Old Bus Stand > Gunarathana Roundabout > Hospital Roundabout> Court Roundabout > D.S  Roundabout > Jayanthi  Roundabout > Victory Junction  > Clock Tower and will finish at Salgadu Ground.

Progression of The Crickrt Net Project at Lyceum Anuradhapura

We are pleased to inform you that the Management of Lyceum International Schools has given the go ahead for the installation of brand new cricket nets at Lyceum International School, Anuradhapura.

The Director of Lyceum International Schools, Mr. Nikitha Grero stated that his vision was to see that students at Lyceum, Anuradhapura are trained with the best facilities in order to produce the next generation of Sri Lankan cricketers from Anuradhapura.


Christmas Magic 2016

It certainly was ‘NO ORDINARY NIGHT’ when nearly 300 students from the Theatron presented a Nativity Pageant outlining the biblical story of the Birth of Jesus in a very colourful presentation including song, dance, rap, poetry and drama. The opening of the pageant made a significant statement in endorsing the true meaning of Christmas in terms of ‘Love’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Hope’ as every participant shared a gift of love to be given to lesser fortunate students to radiate Joy and inspire hope in the form of a useful stationery package.

The story then unfolded with a vibrant group of youngsters from Grades 6, 7, & 8 who opened this narration with a catchy song ‘No Ordinary Night’. The presence of a narrator took the audience back two centuries to the census ordered by Caesar Augustus which sets the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. A beautifully crafted manger made the biblical story come alive.

A lively cluster of rap angels and a pop group of shepherds gave the story a modern twist and a cuddly group of sheep from Pre-Grade and Grade One brought in the element of naughtiness from the youngsters. The moment of magic was when this entire group came alive wit
h a beautiful blend of the popular children’s song ‘This Little light of Mine’ run into the gospel rendition of the song. It certainly was a toe tapping moment at the very least with the audience.

All this wrapped up in a lively rendition of Christmas in terms of love, joy and laughter among friends and family all of which spell out the true promise of peace desired not just at Christmas but Always.

Lyceum Guides Shine at The Master Chef Competition

Yet another achievement by the girl guides of Lyceum International School Nugegoda, as they were able to bag two positions at the first ever Master Chef competition organized by the Girl Guide Headquarters of Sri Lanka (SLGGA). The competition was held on the 3rd of December 2016 at the SLGGA headquarters. Three teams from Lyceum Nugegoda took part out of which one team was awarded Master Chef Champions whilst another was awarded 1st runner up.
The team that was awarded the “Champion” Title comprised of 5 members.  Yadusha Ravindran, Amra Riyad, Isuri Chandrasiri , Aabidah Sheriff and Vinethri Dematampitiya. .
The 1st runners up comprised of Benali Gunawardena, Dulyana Jayathilake , Sanduki Helakorala, Siumi Nanayakara and Nethmi Fernando.
It was a great opportunity for the guides as they were able to gain experience and enhance their skills