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Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find below a message from Rob Low, Country Exams Director.

Dear valued partner

The following information pertains to candidates sitting for the Cambridge 2019 May-June examination series.

In light of recent events, the British Council would like to clarify that schools have three options with regard to candidate registration:

The candidate sits for all examinations as per the issued statement of entry.

Schools can apply for special consideration on behalf of candidates. These will be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Candidates can withdraw from the May-June series and re-register for a subsequent relevant examination series. Candidates may cite the recent event as grounds for withdrawal. Candidates do not need to provide a medical certificate and will be provided a full refund. The deadline for withdrawal is Saturday 11 May.

Kind regards

Rob Low

Rob Low | Country Exams Director

British Council | 49 Alfred House Gardens | Colombo | 00300 | Sri Lanka

T +94 11 752 1521 | D +94 11 452 1543 | M +94 76 352 8110 | BCTN
8500 6243


Dear candidate,

Due to the prevailing country situation please refrain from bringing in bulky bags an parcels to the exam venue. All your personal belongings will be subjected to a security check before entering in to the exam venue. At the same time please note that only the candidates will be allowed in to the exam venue. We urge parents not to gather and park around the venue entrance.

Thank you for your corporation

British Council exams team


The Lyceum International Schools will reopen for the teachers on 2nd may and for the students on 6th may.


GCE Advanced Level Examination August 2018
Arts Stream Island 1st,First time ever in the History of Lyceum

Senior School Choir championship

We proudly congratulate the Senior School Choir of Lyceum International School, Nugegoda for winning the championship at the Inter International School Choir Competition for the second consecutive year. The choir consists of students from Grades 6-12, trained to sing accapela & accompanied songs. Specially sopranos, altos, tenors and basses were featured at the competition.