Our Vision

Is to inspire a family of unique individuals bounded together by their love, care and concern for one another.

Our Objectives

Seeks to be one of the best places to work at by the year 2017 ,Seeks a vibrant, dynamic and aspirational future for Lyceum Staff ,Will take new approaches in planning and developmental activities. ,Is engaging with the Lyceum staff can project “Individual opinion” in improving the delivery of services.

Our key priorities

You are our most valued asset. We strive to address the needs of our staff to the maximum we can.and to ensure our staff reaches their maximum potential, regardless of their background, designations or status.and we encourage implementation of new ideas, processes and technology and to manage our resources better and to increase our productivity and to ensure a sustainable economic future for Lyceum as well as efficient and effective delivery of services by Lyceum departments and increase interaction with the academic staff and other services