Admission Procedure for Grade 1-12

1 Parents can meet the Admission Secretary / Registrar between 8.00 am -12 00 noon (parent school)/ 8.00 am -430 pm (Branches)
2Interview /entrance exam and if satisfactory Application Form & Medical Form are given.
3Complete Application Form with all required details and the Medical Form hand over to Registrar / Secretary as soon as possible.
4 Phone the Registrar / Secretary after 2 days to see whether application has been approved.
5 If application is approved the students School Leaving Certificate has to be hand in prior to payments being made.
6 Collect Admission Form & code of Discipline for students.
7 Read Code of Discipline & Declaration very carefully. If you agree to all conditions fill Admission Form & collect payment vouchers from School Office.
8Pay required fees to the bank mentioned on the payment vouchers that same day.
9 All bank receipts should be shown to the School Office that day itself. The refundable deposit bank receipt should be handed over and a school receipt obtained . A photocopy of the term fees bank receipt should be pasted in the student‘s Record Book.
10 Admission procedure is now complete .Book list, uniform sample etc are issued
11 Books, Stationery, School tie & school uniform & P.T. kit can be purchased from the School Book Shop.